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Key features of a Sterling 60 Day Notice account

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Our 60 Day Notice account provides a higher rate of return in exchange for giving us a clearer indication of when you're likely to withdraw funds.  To give you extra flexibility, we provide one penalty free withdrawal of up to £10,000 per financial year.
Interest rates Competitive rates of interest paid gross*.  Our interest rates are tiered, so the more you save, the higher your return.
Access You always have easy access to your money.  You have the option to set 60 days notice for a withdrawal, or, if you want instant access to your funds, you can opt for a sixty day interest penalty on the amount being withdrawn.

When notice is given, funds must be withdrawn on the due date or within 10 calendar days after the due date.

One immediate withdrawal, without loss of interest, of up to £10,000, is available each financial year (1 April - 31 March).

Additions You can deposit additional funds into the account whenever you want.
Minimum balance £1 (£1,000 for monthly interest accounts)
Maximum balance £5million
Interest options

Annual interest - paid on the 31 March.

Monthly interest - paid on the first working day of each calendar month.

Interest on closure - a straightforward way of putting you in control of when your interest is paid. Your interest will continue to accrue each day, but instead of it being paid each month or each year, your interest will be paid only at the point at which you choose to close your account.

To close your account you will need to provide us with instructions of where you want us to transfer your funds to. This might be to an alternative savings account with Nationwide International or another bank or building society.

If you do close your account to receive your interest, remember that you can open another Nationwide International account at any time.

Once you have chosen the interest on closure option on an account, it will not be possible to change it to a different interest option for that account.

Operating your account You can operate your account by post, telephone, fax, and, when registered, by our Internet Banking service.
Statements The moment a transaction is carried out on your account, it is automatically updated on our internet banking service enabling you to see your transactions at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

You will receive a statement annually in April, detailing interest that has been paid during the previous year. If no interest has been paid then an annual statement will not be sent. All transactions on your account will be summarised and acknowledged by a monthly statement created on or around the 15th of the month, unless you specifically request an immediate confirmation. If no transactions have taken place a monthly statement will not be sent. If you would like extra statements during the year, just let us know and we'll be happy to send them free of charge.


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*All interest rates are quoted gross.