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What is meant by a certified copy of a document?

Certified copies are copies of original documents that have been verified and signed by one of the professional persons listed below :-

  • member of the judiciary, a senior civil servant, or a serving police or customs officer;
  • an Officer of an Embassy, Consulate or High Commission of the country of issue;
  • a lawyer, notary public, actuary, accountant or company secretary who is a member of a recognised professional body;
  • a director or manager of a regulated business on the Isle of Man or in an equivalent jurisdiction. Please contact us if you require additional information.

The person giving the certification may provide the certification in English on the Certification of Identification Documents form. Alternatively, they may provide the certification, directly on the copy of the document, providing the following information :-

  • sign and date the copy document (printing his/her name clearly in capitals)
  • clearly indicate his/her position or capacity
  • provide his/her contact details, including the name and address of the company/institution that they represent
  • the certifier must state that it is a true copy of the original document.

If you live in, or are visiting the UK you can take your identity documentation to any Nationwide Building Society branch for certification. Simply ask the staff member to arrange for the manager to carry out the above and forward the certified copies to Nationwide International.

You can download and print out this ID slip and present it at any Nationwide Building Society branch.